Babies Not Immunized in Wamena after Drugs Run Out


Wamena, Jubi – Children have failed to get immunized because drugs have run out at health centers in Wamena, health workers said.

“Thanks to information from health workers  residents are aware about the importance of health services, in particular immunization and pregnancy check-up. Yesterday, it’s hard to invite people to come to Polindes (village integrated health center), but now most of them want to come” the Head of Polindes Kama – Wamena, Yosfita Lagowan told reporters in Wamena (24/11).

However, she  said public enthusiasm was not matched by the availability of  medicines and medical equipment.

Polindes Kama has not been able to administer immunization and pregnancy check up services as scheduled for some time because of the problems.

“Unfortunately our counseling meant nothing because we were not able to provide services for all of them because of limited stock of medicine and health facilities,” she said.


Polindes Kama’s nurse, Lince Hubby similarly said people want to get the better health service but the Polindes could not make it. That’s why people often criticized it. “They often criticized us, that we must fulfill their needs,” added Hubby. She further said their campaign is wasted because of the medicines problem.  “We attempt to provide socialization to encourage people going to the health center. But if we were not ready, our campaign would mean nothing,” she said.

Such complain on medicines in Wamena wasn’t new. The local people have been complaining about it all the time. They’re not only complaining about the stocks, but also the price is very expensive in the drugstore. However, the Jayawijaya Health Office said the medicine supplies in Jayawijaya Regency are sufficient.

The Head of Jayawijaya Health Office, Agustinus Aronggear during the commemoration of the 50th National Health Day on Saturday (8/11) said the essential medicine supplies were properly provided in many Puskesmas (community health center) in Jayawijaya Regency. About the lacking of medicines, it has been resolved. His office has ordered the supplies, in particular the essential medicines, through non-catalog procurement.

“We have ordered the supplies through e-catalog, but the process was quite complicated. So the Health Office decided to make a direct order to its manufacture. We canceled e-catalog order, and it’s my responsibility as the Head,” he said.  But when asked about the medicine supplies at the Jayawijaya Public Hospital, he didn’t want to make a comment because it’s not his authority. “The medicine supplies in the entire Puskemas in Wamena have been sufficient. So people don’t need to worry. We have enough stocks in the warehouse. But it’s for Puskesmas only. About the public hospital, you must directly ask its director,” he firmly said at that time. (Ronny Hisage/Victor Mambor/rom)

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