Peoples evacuated the victim of Bloody Paniai incident - Jubi

Autopsy Only to Delay Paniai Case Resolution

Peoples evacuated the victim of Bloody Paniai incident - Jubi

Peoples were evacuated the victim of Bloody Paniai incident – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – A request by the Indonesian Human Right Commission for the approval from the victims’ family of Paniai Blood Case (08/12/2104) for autopsy over four dead students allegedly shot by military force personnel has raised a confusion among many parties.

Local Customary Council is still questioning the clearance of its Decree (SK).

Paniai Customary Council Chief John NR. Gobai told Jubi in Jayapura on Monday (28/09/2015) that he questions whether the Ad Hoc team of Komnas HAM has involved the community in their task. “Komnas HAM RI asked us to speak with the victims’ family for autopsy. But I am confused whether they have involved the community? Secondly, we need a clearance on the Decree because this is a big issue,” Gobai said.

According to him, it is fine if the commission want to do autopsy based on the State’s request, though the evidences are already there. Now, how to persuade the family to approve the autopsy. “Because open the grave is violating the customary law. The customary law comes first and the government comes later in Paniai. What we asked for is the independent must be enforced, and we refused the autopsy at the first place. For us the data and evidences are sufficient. For instance, there are bullets, projectiles, and witnesses of the survivals, doctor’s statement, and video as well. So what’s else?” Gobai said.


He further said the case settlement becomes vague because three team members, namely Budi Hernawan, Rika Korain and Yan Warinussi, have not seen the copy of decree from Komnas HAM RI until now. “So, the team’s name should be clear first, whether they would be called as Ad Hock team or so on. It’s important to predict the direction of case settlement, whether it refers to the Regulation No.26/2000 or other regulation. “It’s not independence because people are not involved. So how do people to believe it? Please be honest. Is it hurt for being honest?” he said.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of Papua Student Independent Forum, Teko Kogoya told reporter in Abepura on Monday (14/09/2015) that the Ad Hoc team of Komnas HAM RI do not execute their task as mandated in the plenary meeting of Komnas HAM RI. “We stated the Ad Hoc team was not executing their former task because the State has not provided fund for human right enforcement in this country. Komnas HAM RI is the biggest and highest State’s institution of human right advocacy and settlement of human right violation cases. But, if they said they have no financial resource, it’s totally a mistake,” said Kogoya.

Moreover, according to him, after the establishment of Ad Hoc team, the Indonesian government was able to provide 20 billion rupiahs to help other countries, namely Fiji, Solomon Islands and PNG. “It means the government intentionally muted the Paniai Blood Case and other human right violation cases in Papua. Well, both Komnas HAM RI and Indonesian Government should able to distinguish between criminal and human right violation cases,” said Kogoya. (Abeth You/rom)

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