The Papua Legislator office (Jubi)


The Papua Legislator office (Jubi)

The Papua Legislator office (Jubi)

Jayapura , 6/3 ( Jubi ) – A member of the Papuan Legislative Council ( DPR Papua) said the future of 14 legislative seats for indigenous Papuans remains unclear.

“Officials in Papua must be consistent and realize the allocation of 14 seats for indigenous Papuans, ” DPR Papua member from the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI Perjuangan), Philipus Wisabla Wisabla, told on Thursday ( 6/3 ).

“It is legally stated in Special Autonomy Law of 2001. However, there has never been an effort to implement the mandate of Act 21. That’s a reality happening in Papua,” he said .

The draft Special Bylaw ( Raperdasus ) on local political parties and seats based on Special Autonomy law has just been completed and is now  awaiting ratification in a DPR Papua plenary session.


Earlier, chairman of DPR Papua’s commission A overseeing provincial government, legal and human rights affairs, Ruben Magay confirmed that the Raperdasus draft  would be passed in the near future .

“The second draft was postponed and not endorsed in January 2013, because the executive then asked for more discussions. In the near future there will be a plenary session at the Consultative Body (Bamus) of DPR Papua ,” Ruben Magay said a month ago.

Local political parties will be limited and required to register for verification with the ministry of Law and Human Rights.

“There will be a Code of Conduct that governs the position of the appointed members of DPR Papua because they are not from the political parties and should be known that  their rights are the same as members of DPR Papua who are from political parties ,” he said . ( Jubi / Arjuna/ Tina )

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