The selection process of Jayapura Police Academy in 2013 (IST)


The selection process of Jayapura Police Academy in 2013 (IST)

The selection process of Jayapura Police Academy in 2013 (IST)

Jayapura, 7/6 (Jubi) – A student of Jayapura Police Academy (SPN), Alfredo Geris Weno was rushed to the Intensive Care Unit at the Hospital Dok II when fainting in the opening day of training.

The father, Henci Weno said the doctor said his son’s condition was dropping though he was fine at first.
“I don’t know why. Last morning the doctor called me to check. He even could attend the opening ceremony until it completed. Other students’ parents and I also came to the ceremony. The training was running smoothly,” Henci Weno said on Thursday (5/6).

He thought his son was shock when hearing the fire in the time of training. It affected his condition
“I has informed on Tuesday (3/6) at around 19:30. They told my son was sick and rushed to the Hospital II. My wife and I went immediately to hospital. We’ve been said he was drop and until now he’s still in coma,” he said.

He denied the information telling his son has hospitalized due to the violence during the training.
“The information is not true. I have checked there is no violence marking in his bodies,” he said.


The Head of SPN Jayapura, the Commissionaire Senior Police Hadi Ramdhani said the student was hospitalized because of his illness. “He was treated in the hospital because he was sick. When did the medical test, his health condition was good. Sometimes we thought we were fine but when doing the serious activity the illness comes,” he said.

Further, he said the training at the SPN Jayapura is normal. At the first day the student had on the ground training.
“Other students are fine. Only him was sick. Doctor also said so,” he said.

Papua Police Spokesperson, the Commissionaire Senior Police Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono confirmed about the student who being treated in the hospital.
“It’s true but it’s not because of violence. He might have the illness since one or two weeks before. And it came when he got the walk exercise in the first day training. He asked the coach to sit down and then rushed to the hospital because he got fainting,” he said.

But another resource told to that he was rushed to the ICI because of the physical violence during the training. A hospital staff mentioned the student of police academy was violence’s victim.
“He was a victim of the police training, but the reporters were prohibited to cover the story because the room was strictly guarded by the police.” said a hospital staff.

Another informan at the Hospital Dok II said the victim’s family was afraid his son failed.
“The doctor has called his family this afternoon and suggested to kindly resolve the case. The family was afraid if their son failed. At the first day in hospital, his parents were angry and not accept the condition of their son, but they turned to be afraid and cover the fact after the second day,” said the resource who decline the name to be written to (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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