Yowari Hospital, Jayapura. -Jubi/Engel

At Yowari Public Hospital, Ambulance Turns into Shuttle Car

Yowari public hospital - Jubi

Yowari public hospital – Jubi

Sentani, Jubi – An ambulance that is supposed to carry patients has been converted into a shuttle car for health workers at Yowari Public Hospital.

The Director of Yowari Public Hospital Michael Demeteuw said it was done because a bus procured in 2006 to transport hospital employyes is broken.

“Also, I wonder because sometimes ago when there was a distribution of operational office vehicles at Gunung Merah (Regent’s Office), as the largest hospital, we are skipped, though the proposal has been submitted since last year,” he told Jubi at his office on Wednesday (30/3/2016).

He said currently what is required now at Yowari Public Hospital is the operational vehicles consisting of 8 cars and 8 motorbikes to accommodate its activities and services to public.


“Two operational cars for staffs shuttle, 2 ambulance cars, 4 cars for each service department heads, and 8 motorbikes for each section,” he said,

During this current year he took his personal vehicle to the office. “I can still tolerate this with expectation the local government could take what we have proposed earlier. Because the hospital is not belong to us who work here,” he said.

The hospital staff Jakobus Maryen lamented this situation because the ambulance car shouldn’t be used as staffs shuttle car. “Are they (the government) sleeping?” he questioned. (Engel Wally/rom)

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