Training for domestic violence's victims assistance - Jubi/Islami

Assistants of domestic violence’s victims get trained


Training for domestic violence’s victims assistance – Jubi/Islami

Wamena, Jubi – A total of 10 assistances of domestic violence victims (KDRT) received training from Office of Women Empowerment and Child Protection and Family Planning (DP3AKB) Jayawijaya District.

“We hope with the training of facilitators for victims of domestic violence, they will be able to facilitate issues related to violence against women and children in Jayawijaya, to be reported and resolved based on regulation,” said Assistant II of Setda Jayawijaya, Wusono Sasana Wio, last weekend.

According to him, the issue of domestic violence affecting mothers and children is the concern of local government, including some private institutions operating there.

Head of Women Empowerment and Child Protection (BPP and PA) Department of Papua Province, Anike Rawar hoped that 10 assistants were given certificate as legal assistance to conduct their duty.


“We expect the government, religious leaders and the community to support these 10 assistances to work as they are taught for two days,” she said.

The 10 people were trained in techniques for the case of violence against women and children in Jayawijaya.

“This is our effort to suppress violence against women and children so that this district becomes a safe and comfortable area,” he said. (*)

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