MRPB held its first public hearing. -Jubi/Hans Arnold Kapisa

Aspiration for referendum and declining Otsus raised in MRPB Papua’s hearing


Manokwari, Jubi – A hearing to evaluate the effectivity of Special Autonomy (Otsus) policy held by Majelis Rakyat Papua Provinsi Papua Barat (MRPB/West Papua Provincial People’s Assembly) in Manokwari went to a certain point when representatives of indigenous, academic and youth are voicing aspiration for a referendum and declining the extension of Otsus policy.


MRPB deputy chairman Cyrelius Adopak said the hearing aimed to accommodate the aspiration of indigenous people and other civil organisations to evaluate the revision of Otsus bill by the central government.


According to Adopak, MRPB is an official institution legitimated by the State to address the aspiration of indigenous Papuans. Therefore, the hearing held by MRPB was not to compete with the provincial government who submitted their proposal to Jakarta.



“The public hearing with civilian elements in Domberai and Bomberai customary regions applied by MRPB is under Law 21 of 2001 [Article 77]. And all [including the provincial government’s proposal] has the same goal,” said Adopak on Thursday (1/10/2020).


However, he did not deny that different points of view from all participants have been raised in the hearing. “We received all views and recommendations, including the recommendation for the referendum,” he said.


Similarly, MRPB Chairman Maxi Nelson Ahoren thanked all participants of hearing who had been honest and longed for a change in the land of Papua. Moreover, he admitted that the hearing phase II would be held on Monday (6/10/2020), presenting indigenous representatives from Manokwari Raya and Sorong Raya, including Fakfak and Kaimana.


“Today is the hearing phase I which was participated by civilian elements in the Manokwari Regency. For the second phase, it would include all participants from Domberai and Bomberai customary regions to provide their opinion and expectation,” said Ahoren. (*)


Reporter: Hans Kapisa

Editor: Pipit Maizier

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