Every months, lot of migrants come to Papua Land - Jubi/Arjuna Pademme

As Natives Getting Marginalized, Papua Needs Population Control

Every months, lot of migrants come to Papua Land - Jubi/Arjuna Pademme

Every months, lot of migrants come to Papua Land – Jubi/Arjuna Pademme

Jayapura, Jubi – Chairman Deputy of Commission V of Papua Legislative Council Nioulen Kotouki said rapid inflows of newcomers to Papua have marginalized indigenous people.

It’s the time for local governments in Papua Province to seriously pay attention in controlling the population, Kotouki said.

Kotouki, who is also a PKS politician, said currently the space for indigenous Papuans is narrower. Currently migrants are dominating many sectors in Papua.

“One of the actions that can be done by the regional governments is to hold regular operations in the public areas, particularly in the seaports and airports, and in residential areas if necessary,” Katouki told Jubi on Tuesday (21/6/2016).


According to him, the control over population is not merely to protect the indigenous Papuans, but to prevent many radical groups and organizations to entry troubling the people in Papua. “There is Provincial Regulation on population control, but so far its implementation wasn’t optimal. The related office should be able to implement this regulation,” he said.

He also criticized about the fact of migrants who already had Papua ID card though they have not yet in Papua. “We have such a report, that the persons are not in Papua, but they already had the ID card,” he said.

The Commission V member Natan Pahabol similarly said the regional regulation governed the population control in Papua is Provincial Regulation No. 11/2013.

“However, until now it is not well implemented by related offices, in particular at the regional and municipal levels. We hope the government –both provincial and regional and municipal could take it seriously,” said Pahabol.

According to him, the more and more people come to Papua; it grows the burden for the regional government, particularly in the field of public services, health and education, and so on.

On an occasion, the Head of Papua Population Office Yan Piet Rawar said the Papua Provincial has Provincial Regulation No. 11/2013 on population control. (Arjuna Pdemme/rom)

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