Army personnel Get Drunk with Residents


Merauke, Jubi- Rev Ice Rahantani expressed concerns about the habit of consuming alcohol among some members of the church in Jagebob district.

As a result, members of the congregation sometimes failed to attend Sunday services.

“I want to say that when I invited them to the church, they said because they got drunk with some military members from Yalet. It is one of problems that we face in one of the villages in the Jagebob district, ” Rev. Ice said during a dialogue with Merauke regent, Romanus Mbaraka last week.

In response to this case, Danrem 174 / ATW, Brigadier General (TNI) Supartodi asked to report any military members who have poor behavior.
“I instruct Danyon to process and act firmly against any soldier who consumes alcohol with residents on Sunday,” he said.

He also invited community participation in supervising performance of military members who serve in the district.“I give you my phone number, so you can send a short text or call me,” he added.


According to Jubi’s observation, after the meeting, a number of soldiers who serve in Jagebob met the pastor with hostile attitude while asking who the person who took a sip of alcohol with residents. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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