Apotnalogilik Lakobal, one of five political prisoners who have been released while interviewed by Jubi - Victor Mambor

Apotnalogilik Lakobal : We Knew About Pardon at Last Minute

Apotnalogilik Lakobal while interviewed by Jubi - Victor Mambor

Apotnalogilik Lakobal while interviewed by Jubi – Victor Mambor

Jayapura, Jubi – One of five Papuan prisoners pardoned by President Joko Widodo, Apotnalogilik Lakobal, said he was disappointed because he did not received an amnesty instead.

“I am disappointed, that we previously knew we would be granted an amnesty. But when we arrived in Abepura, we just found out that we received a pardon. No one informed us,” Lakobal told Jubi after the granting of pardon ceremonial at Abepura Prison on Saturday (9/5/2015).

In a private interview with Jubi after the ceremonial, Jokowi said it was his idea to grant a pardon. “It’s my idea. If they (Papuan political prisoners) had asked for a pardon, we could hav approve it within two weeks, but if they asked an amnesty, it requires the approval from the Indonesian Parliament. I don’t know whether the parliament will agree with it or not,” he said.

Other political prisoner Linus Hiel Hiluka justified his statement. He said he and other four political prisoners never ask for pardon to the government. “We never ask for it. It’s purely the president’s will and idea. He said it was his idea, not our proposal. He also apologized for what have been done to us for last twelve years by the security forces,” Hiluka told reporters in the press conference at the ALDP Office, Padang Bulan, Abepura on Sunday (10/5/2015).


A pardon is a constitutional right granted by the president to the prisoners no limited to the change, remission, reduction or elimination of sentence against the prisoners. The grating of pardon is the prerogative right of the president.

The granting of pardon is regulated under the Law No.22. The prisoners or their attorney or family who request for pardon should file a written clemency to the president in accordance to the articles 8, 6, 7 of the Law. No.22. Further the article 4 said the request and its copy should be submitted through the Prison Chief to forward the request to the president, while the copy goes to the Court where the case was settled no later than seven days after the receive of the file of pardon and its copy. (Victor Mambor/rom)

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