Hery Dosinaen, Secreatry of Papua Province (Jubi)


Hery Dosinaen, Secreatry of Papua Province (Jubi)

Hery Dosinaen, Secreatry of Papua Province (Jubi)

Jakarta, 23/1 (Jubi) – The Allocation of Regional State Budget ( APBD) of Papua Province already set by the Papua Legislative Council ( DPRP), has been submitted to the Ministry of the Interior to consult on.

“We have submitted to the Ministry of Internal affairs or also known as the Interior Ministry on Wednesday (22/1). Actually, it has been accepted but there are a few notes, and technical points of the record will be discussed with the secretariat of the DPRP and financial institutions. “said Hery Dosinaen, Papua Regional Secretary in Jakarta, Thursday (23/1).
Papua APBD that has been set by the DPRP is directly received by the Director of Finance and got appreciation from the Ministry of the Interior because there is a policy to divide 80 percent of the governor’s special autonomy funds to the regencies/ city and 20 percent of managed by provinces.
“Besides noteworthy , Papua budget ( APBD is considered thoughtful and got appreciation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs because of the governor’s policy in the division and Autonomy ie, 80 percent will be managed at the regency / city and 20 percent will be managed by the province.” he said.
In addition, the Ministry of Internal Affairs also gave appreciation to Papua on the increase in provincial revenue (PAD) in a short time limited where in previous years, PAD Papua has not changed significantly, only 10 percent. While the PAD is now increased about 40 percent.
Thus, of course, the government will prepare a variety of regulations on how the revenue will accommodate and manage PAD immediately to all all relevant agencies to carry out activities in order to increase Papua revenue, supported by regulations made. “In the future there will be a decision of the Interior Ministry regarding Local Government Annual Budget Plans( RAPBD) which obviously had been handed a script and just waiting for a decision.” he said.
Earlier, Governor of Papua, Luke Enembe says ,the value of RAPBD for 2014 is the largest value/ number where area revenue plan fiscal year 2014 of RAPBD is submitted Rp.10.489.109.379.000 . This source will come provincial revenues is Rp.727.575.888.000, fund balance is Rp.2.604.847.531.000 and other income valid for Rp.7.156.685.960.000.
“This Achievement is the result of commitment and sincerity and even our struggle for the welfare of the people of Papua,” he said. (Jubi / Alex / Tina)

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