GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

AMPTPI Urges Police to Question Shooters of Tolikara Incident

GIDI's members were injured in hospital after the incident - Jubi

GIDI’s members were injured in hospital after the incident – Jubi

Jayapura, Jubi – The Students Association of Central Mountains urged Papua Police to stop summoning GIDI leaders and the two people detained by Papua regional police related to Tolikara case on July 17.

“Police should end the examination of the TRC committee and GIDI board because both parties have agreed to peace,” the chairman of Executive Board of Eastern Indonesia, AMPTI said in Waena,Jayapura, on last week.

Andy then urged police to examine police officers and members of security who did the shooting that killed one person and injured 10 young men that led to the burning of kiosks owned by residents.
“If police keep forcing, people will get angry. AMPTPI will do mobilization. Police must focus on the shooting case instead “said Gobay.

Previously, Ustad Ali Mukhtar who represents Muslims in Karubaga, Tolikara requested that the legal proceedings ongoing as a result of the incident in Karubaga was stopped.
“We agree that the prisoners to be immediately released so that this problem is not prolonged. We apologize if we’ve done mistakes, “said Ustad Ali.


While President GIDI, Rev. Dorman Wandikbo hoped that all GIDI church throughout Indonesia to be freed worship. As according to him, there are several churches of GIDI in some areas Indonesia are closed due to Tolikara incident.

“Some GIDI churches are closed. GIDI congregation also experience intimidation and violence. Therefore we want to solve the problem peacefully for now and forever. We want resolve our problem today, so that our people can worship as usual,” Rev. Dorman said (Mawel Benny/Tina)

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