AMP Urges Jokowi To Close Freeport Due to Illegal


Jakarta, Jubi – The Papuan Students Alliance (AMP) in Semarang city urged the Indonesian government under the leadership of Joko Widodo to close a number of national and foreign companies that are suspected to be involved in human rights abuses in Papua.

“Close Freeport and all foreign companies that are behind the crimes against humanity in Papua. Freedom and self-determination is a democratic solution for Papuan people,” the chairman of AMP, Otiz E Tabuni said to Jubi on Sunday (1/2).

Tabuni said, due to the presence of companies in Papua, many Papuans have been persecuted and killed. The Indonesian military has violated the rights of the Papuan people in their attempts to safeguard important companies, including PT. Freeport Indonesia, he said.

Tabuni then questioned the legality of PT. Freeport because before the PEPERA or called “Act Free of Choice” conducted in 1969 on April 7th, 1967, the mining company, Freeport owned by the State of America signed a contract with the Indonesian government first. Indonesian claimed Papua as part of Indonesian for its interest before the legal status of Papua was clear.

He said from a total of 809,337 Papuans who had the right to self-determination process, only 175 people voted in the Act of Free Choice, making it illegitimate.

Indonesia then continued its control over Papua for 32 years through militaristic regime of Suharto. He said there have been many cases of violations of human rights occurred through a variety of military operations  until a period of reform in Indonesia in 1998.

Up to now, there is not significant change of fundamental system in the regime of Jokowi. Human rights violations by Indonesian military is still ongoing, one of them was the shooting of five students in Enrotali district and many more cases of crimes against humanity committed against the Papuan People.
Secretary of AMP further said, the situation of terror, intimidation, arrests, shootings and even murder are still ongoing. Indonesian government and the United States continue to discuss on contract extension without asking the people of West Papua. .
Seeing the complexity of all the problems in Papua, the AMP then demanded Joko Widodo – Jusuf Kalla to immediately shut down and stop the exploitation done by all multinational companies such as Freeport, BP. Tangguh LNG, Medco, Korindo and others from Papua. Secondly, to draw the Indonesian military (TNI and police) from the Papua and end all forms of crimes against humanity against the people of Papua. Thirdly, to give freedom and self-determination as a part of democratic solution For Papuan People. (Mawel Benny/Tina)

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