Yali Wenda (left) and Alfares Kapisa (Jubi)


Yali Wenda (left) and Alfares Kapisa (Jubi)

Yali Wenda (left) and Alfares Kapisa (Jubi)

Jayapura , 4/4 ( Jubi ) – Alvares Kapissa and Yali Wenda, two students at the Cenderawasih University were arrested by the police on Wednesday ( 2/4 ) for leading a rally on the release of Papuan political prisoners suffered from severe injuries and electric shock by the police.

” When we were on the truck, we were kicked, beaten with a stick, a weapon, a shield, ” Yali Wenda told tabloidjubi.com in Waena, Jayapura on Friday afternoon (4/4 ).

He and his friend, Alvares Kapisa experienced electric shocks in the truck until reached to police station. ” It took about half an hour to get there. Both of us sat there in pain, ” student of the faculty of social sciences at Cenderawasih university added.

Furthermore, the police told them to remove the almamater coats which had full of blood stains and replaced them with a new outfit that has been provided.Their coats then are washed and returned when they went out.


They were lying down about an hour in the cell. Soon there was a doctor who come to clean the wounds and sew Yali’s torn ear without anesthetic. The next day, at around 08:00 to 11:00, both were interrogated and released at 12:00 ( local time).

Alvares Kapissa added he was arrested by chief operating officer without saying anything before taken to the truck. He also admitted that he was beaten in the face by a plainclothes police officer.

” When I was forced to the truck, a police officer kicked me while holding my genitals. My toes were stepped on with shoes. A small wound on the Yali’s leg visible and police said” is it wound”? The police directly stepped with bamboo and pinned around. Both of us got electric shocks,” Kapisa, medical student at Uncen explained.

Kapisa denied the police statement said the two were arrested after throwing to the police. Actually, he intended to coordinate with the police because the university provided the truck for transporting students who wish to march at the secretariat of Uncen Students Executive Board. However, before he spoke, the police instantly smothered and took them in a police truck. there were about 10 police officers who beat both of them.
” After I was in the truck, and then some people threw the stones . We also do not know who did that. So they detained us first before anyone threw,” he stated.

Both of these students released from police custody because of not guilty throwing to the police . ( Jubi / Aprila/ Tina)

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