Attack against journalist
AJI Jayapura head and Cenderawasih Pos chief editor Lucky Ireeuw's car was damaged by unknown people. Courtesy of IST.

Independent Journalists Alliance leader’s car damaged in a mysterious attack


Jayapura, Jubi – The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) Jayapura has again received a report of alleged act of intimidation against members of the press in Papua. This time, unknown people damaged AJI Jayapura chair Lucky Ireeuw’s car at Hamadi Pier, Jayapura City. It is estimated that the incident occurred on Saturday night, August 7, 2021.


Ireeuw, who is the chief editor of Cenderawasih Pos, said that he and his family were visiting his parents’ house at Tobati Village, which could be reached by a speedboat from the Hamadi pier.


“I parked the car near the Hamadi Pier on Saturday afternoon. There were also two other cars parked near the pier,” Ireeuw said.



Ireeuw planned to return to the pier at around 9 p.m. but heavy rains flushed the area that he and his family were forced to stay in Tobati.


On Sunday morning, they returned to the pier and found a large hole in the car’s right front door glass.


“It is estimated that the glass was hit by a certain object,” he said.


Luckily but oddly, nothing of value in Ireeuw’s car was stolen and the other two cars parked adjacent to the AJI chairman’s car were in good condition. It looked like the perpetrator purposely damaged Ireeuw’s car only.


Ireeuw said he had reported the incident to the South Jayapura Police. AJI Jayapura condemned the attack and demanded the police to immediately investigate the case and arrest the culprit. The alliance regretted that the incident coincided with the 27th anniversary of AJI on August 7.


AJI Jayapura also asked the Jayapura Police to complete the investigation on the similar acts of terror against Jubi chief editor Victor Mambor, which had not been resolved so far.


Previously, Mambor’s car was damaged by unknown people at midnight on April 21. The windshield was cracked and the front and rear door glasses on the left side were shattered. The perpetrator also sprayed orange paint on the left front and rear doors of Mambor’s car.


Editor: Kristianto Galuwo


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