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AJI calls on the press not to share private information of Veronica Koman’s family


Jayapura, Jubi – The Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) has asked the media that reported the terror against the parents and relatives of rights lawyer Veronica Koman to immediately make corrections, as a number of media clearly state in their reports the identity and addresses of Veronica Koman’s parents and relative.

AJI chairman Sasminto Madrim said that mentioning the identity, names, and addresses of Koman’s family members in the news would lead to further terror.

“Regarding the news that reveals the identity of Veronica Koman’s family, we want to convey that there is no news worth a life. The safety of the informants is paramount,” Madrim said during an online press conference on Monday, Nov. 8, 2021.

Article 2 of the Journalistic Code of Ethics (KEJ) reads “Indonesian journalists use professional methods in carrying out journalistic duties”. Madrim said that being professional meant respecting the privacy of the source in certain cases, such as victims of terror, violence, or sexual violence.

Madrim further mentioned Article 10, which says “Indonesian journalists immediately retract, rectify, and correct false and inaccurate news accompanied by apologies to readers, listeners, or viewers”.


“Please immediately correct [the news] to prevent a detrimental impact. We also suggest journalists investigating the case talk to the victim’s attorney,” he said.

Other than calling on the media to correct their reporting mistakes, AJI also demands the police to protect victims’ personal data.

AJI condemns the terror against Veronica Koman’s parents and relatives, saying it is a threat to democracy and the struggle for human rights in Indonesia.

Recently, there were two terror attacks at the homes of Koman’s parents and relatives. The first terror occurred on Sunday at the parents’ house, where the unidentified perpetrator threw an object which caused an explosion.

On the same day, Koman’s relative got a mysterious package containing a chicken carcass. Head of Advocacy for the Jakarta Legal Aid Institute Nelson Nicodemus Simamora said the inscription on the package sent to Koman’s relative read “Whoever hides Veronica Koman will suffer the same fate as this carcass”.

According to Simamora, terror against Veronica Koman’s parents was not the first time. Previously, unknown people hung and burned a package on the fence of Koman’s parents on Oct. 24, 2021. (*)

Reporter: Arjuna Pademme

Editor: Syam Terrajana

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