Ilustration (Jubi)


Ilustration (Jubi)

Ilustration (Jubi)

Jayapura 3/2 ( Jubi ) – A man caught in the morning carrying a Firearm Ammunition Types U.S. CARABIN (Jenggel) caliber 8.4 when tansitting at Sentani Airport , Jayapura . He planned to continue its flights to Nabire.

From the data gathered Jubi , around 6:05 pm (Papua time ), Kristianus D Madai ( 30 ) arrived at the airport in Sentani, Jayapura regency after departed from Jakarta with Lion Air JT794 Use .
Upon arrival at Sentani airport , Kristianus D Madai ( 30 ) would continue his flights to Nabire with WATER WINGS Aircraft No. IW1625 . About ten minutes later Kristianus past the xray and was found a type of firearm ammunition U.S. CARABIN ( Jenggel ) caliber 8.4 by 8 rounds of ammunition in his bag.
From the student card , the passenger’s name is Kristianus D Madai live at Wissel Meren Dormitory, Jl Kebun baru gang H 16 Tebet, East Jakarta. He is a Student of UKI ( Universitas of Kristen Indonesia) .
Police chief of Jayapura – Sentani Airpor , Ipda Abraham Soumilena with six members directly headed to the location of the X – Ray and caught the perpetrator and some evidences. Reported to Jubi , the police chief admitted the arrest was made ​​because the perpetrator was caught by airport officials carrying eight rounds of ammunition in his bag .
” This passenger flew from Jakarta with Lion Air plane and arrived at Sentani airport. He wanted to go to Nabire. It might not be found ammunition in Jakarta yet in Jayapura, it was detected. The passenger name, Kristian D Medes, aged 30 years . “Abraham said via cell phone , Monday ( 3/2 ) .
Until now, Abraham did not know the purpose of the passengers to Nabire .
” He’s probably going to Nabire to visit hometown. I think he got a student card from UKI Jakarta . Currently, we have sent this case to Jayapura police station.” he said .
Meanwhile, the Police Public Relations Head of Papua , Police Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono confirmed, the arrest of a plane Wings Air passanger with destinations from Sentani to Nabire .
” According to the perpetrator , the bag containing the ammunition was borrowed from a colleague in Jakarta Named PW. ” said Pudjo , Monday ( 3/2 ) . ( Jubi / Indrayadi TH/Tina )

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