Ilustration (IST)


Ilustration (IST)

Ilustration (IST)

Jayapura , 27/4 ( Jub ) – A member of the Air Force special unit was shot dead by a policeman at a market in  Biak Numfor on Sunday.

First Private Wardana allegedly allegedly took out a bayonet belonging to a member of the police mobile brigade unit (Brimob), identified as NW, and wounded him in the head, police said.

NW in turn used his gun to shoot Wardeni. The fight was triggered by the consumption of alcohol, police said.

Papua Police spokesman Senior Commissioner Sulistyo Pudjo Hartono said that the incident happened because if a lack of coordination between the Biak police chief, the local Brimob commander and  Air Force colleagues.
“Unknown to each top leader, members of Brimob and TNU AU members met again at the night market. They quarreled and fought. As a result, Pratu Wardana was shot dead and the member of Brimob was injured on his head and hands because of a sharp tool,” Sulistyo said on Sunday ( 27/4).


Papua Police Chief  Inspector General Tito Karnavian said he had contacted the local Air Force chief Rear Marshal Asnan Muhidir, the local military commander and Biak police to discuss measures to prevent future conflicts.

Sulistyo said the police chief has also an evaluation on the performance of the Biak Brimob chief.
“We convey to the public and military comrades that this issue is purely a personal matter and has nothing to do with the policy of the force at all,” he said.

Police investigating the crime scene found a bullet, a bayonet, a white Q brand watch  and a pair of Adidas sandals.

The team then visited the families of the victim.
“The perpetrator will be flown to the Papua police by police aircraft tomorrow morning ( 28/4 ) at 07.00,” he said. (Jubi/Indrayadi TH/ Tina )

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