Air Force Commander: Military Air Force Officers Help Securing Biak Airport


Biak, Jubi/Antara – Manuhua Air Force Base Commander Colonel Gustav Brugman said Indonesian Military Air Force was involving to secure the Frans Kaiseipo Airport security.

“Military Air Force is to help securing the airport as government’s main facility because it provides the public flight services,” Air Force Commander Colonel Gustav Brugman said this week.

He admitted the international airport status obtained by Frans Kaisiepo Airport require it to be a safety zone for any commercial airlines flying into and outside of Papua. He further said in doing their tasks at Frans Kaiseipo Airport, the military air force officers keep working closely with the internal airport security guards and local police officers and prioritizing the applied operational procedure by local airport authority.

“Yes, the officers who assigned at Frans Kaiseipo Airport are expected to provide a sense of secured and comfort to local passengers and visitors,” he said.

By Saturday morning a number of air force officers and airport security guards were doing a patrol with vehicle at the airport surrounded area in order to block any vehicles crossing into the airport area.


Earlier, the Transportation Minister Ignatius Jonan during his visit suggested to Frans Kaisiepo Airport authority to improve the standard of airport security because some vehicles often found crossing into runway area. (*/rom)

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