Again, Papua Police Throw the Issues of Paniai Shooting Case to Armed Group Issues

Peoples in Paniai evacuated body of victim - Suplied

Peoples in Paniai evacuated body of victim – Suplied

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Police until now have trouble uncovering cases of shootings that occurred in Enarotali, December 8, 2014 that killed four people.

Head of the Papua Police spokesman Commissioner Patrige in Jayapura, last week, admitted, it is still having trouble uncovering cases of shootings in Enarotali because of the difficulty of getting witnesses who really know the incident that ended with the deaths of four civilians.

He then added, due to the lack of witnesses willing to testify, the investigators also could not perform an autopsy on the four victims who died in the incident. And if it is allowed to conduct an autopsy, then it is possible to uncover who the shooter based on the ballistics tests.

According to him, from the reports received by armed groups operating in Paniai also have firearms seized from members so it is possible that the group that did the shooting.


Moreover, based on previous report revealed that before the shootings, armed members seemed to be in Enarotali, said Commissioner Patrige.

Admittedly, last year President Jokowi asked to reveal the case but due to the difficulties experienced in the field, the case could not be revealed.

Shooting incident that killed four civilians occurred in the evening on December 7, 2014 when there was a passing vehicle that did not turn on the lights got reprimanded by the young men who was at Christmas hut.

Because the person could not accept it, he then brought his friends and persecute some youth.

The next day, December 8, 2014, hundreds of people attacked to koramil and then later heard the shot until it was found four people dead. (*)

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