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Friday, 19 June 2015 - 01:38 WIB

Access for Foreign Press in Papua Will Never be Revoked, Legislator Says

Jakarta, Jubi – The deputy chairman of Commission I of the House of Representatives, Hanafi Rais said the new State Intelligent Agency chief was facing five challenges, including the agency’s strategic position in the interconnection intelligence in Military, Police, General Attorney and Ministry.

“First, as a major affiliation of intelligence policy, the State Intelligent Agency (BIN) must have a capacity of internal consolidation for being solid and objectively to provide data to the government,” he said at Gedung Nusantara III in Jakarta on Wednesday (17/6/2015).

He said under the new leadership, BIN must be independent and not tied to political interests and the interpretation of institution should be based on intelligence performance.

The second challenge is cyber intelligent technology war and cyber war. “Espionage today is not executing in conventional way but cyber intelligent instead. So, BIN skills in using modern intelligent technology must be in preference,” he said.

And the third, Jokowi and JK looks overwhelmed in dealing with foreign issues during their first semester. Hanafi took the example on some cases of foreign ship explosion, Australia-Indonesia strained relations concerning to deportation of immigrants and tapping on Indonesian officials. “We expect BIN has a strategy for the government in dealing with other countries that interfere the national interests,” he said.


BIN also must have a counter-intelligent roadmap and capability on neutralizing the opponent strength in the global region in both state and non-state sectors. It is to keep the foreign affairs for being protracted.

Fourth, BIN must keep the ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ in particularly against terror and separatist movement in Papua. The policy on freedom of press for foreign press to cover the activity in Papua has been applied and would never been revoked. “BIN must have a strategy to not let the freedom (in Papua) to be a threat for the sovereignty of Indonesia,” he said.

Fifth, the world is changing quickly, especially in economics. BIN should have proficiency in mapping the economic and monetary impacts for Indonesia. (*/rom)

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