About Rp. 1.9 Billion Earmarked for School Renovation


Abepura, Jubi – Elementary teachers in Yoka Pantai said that there were two construction projects for the Inpres school such as fence construction and school renovation projects costing more than 1 billion rupiah.

“For the fence construction. It will cost Rp. 1.5 billion and Rp. 400 million for renovation,” one elementary teacher, Titin M.Ohee told Jubi in the staffroom on Tuesday (28/10).

She said that she knew the fence construction budget when the employees of Regional Finance Agency (BKD) Papua province came and showed its budget at school before the project started.
“There was one of BKD’s employee came to see the location. I saw a list of budget carried. After that, they started to measure, drop building materials and start working, “he said.

Meanwhile, she knew renovation classrooms budget when someone came to check the project.
“He showed me and I saw the allocated budget for renovation was Rp 400 million. And I told him that the project was not implemented “she said while remembering the conversation at the time.

Up to know, she has not been able to confirm that the project is being done was with the budget that he had ever seen or not. She could not be sure because the project had nothing to do with her work.


Even though it is not of her business, the classrooms renovation was unsuitable with the needs of the school, for example there are eight lights in each room.
“One or two bulbs are enough. Yet, it was installed up to eight in one room. If so, what about the rest of classrooms, “Sarci Mebri, first grade elementary teacher added.

In addition, the change of the ceiling, the contractors attached it without replacing rotted wood. They just replaced the damaged plywood.
“The rooted wood has not been removed. They only patched wood “she said.

The teachers wanted to complain it because the project was directly related to the relevant agencies.

Based on Jubi’s observation, there was renovation and fence constructions around the school building, only there was no project board standing in front of the school. The public did not know who is the contractor working on the project. (Benny Mawel/Tina)

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