Team of Democracy Students and Youth Care Jayawijaya (Jubi)


Team of Democracy Students and Youth Care Jayawijaya (Jubi)

Team of Democracy Students and Youth Care Jayawijaya (Jubi)

Jayapura, 5/2 (Jubi) – As many as 332 villages from 40 districts in Jayawijaya regency have threatened to boycott the 2014 legislative and presidential elections over the controversial selection of local poll commissioners, a student and youth group said.

Representatives of the villages are demanding that the Papua Election Commission (KPU Papua) replace two KPU Jayawijaya commissioners, Antoh and Mark Benjamin, with two Jayawijaya natives, Agus Marian and Elvis Karoba,  said Tim Edison Wetipo from the Jayawijaya Students and Youth Concerned for Democracy (MPPDJ) at a news conference in Jayapura, Papua on Wednesday (5/2).

“We will blockade the Wamena Airport to stop the distribution of election logistics if our aspirations are not addressed and solved wisely by the Papua Election Commission (KPU Papua),” Edison said.

Communities in Jayawijaya argue that the selection of non-Jayawijaya commissioners is unconstitutional because it did not follow the prescribed stages and failed to accommodate  candidates of Jayawijaya origin.
“This Statement is not only from us but also from Wamena people,” said Edison.


Five district heads and Jayawijaya District Council (DPR) members  met with the speaker of the Papuan Legislative Council, Deerd Tabuni, on Tuesday (2/4).
“They have the same views, as demonstrated by a letter issued by the DPRP about the review of members of the KPU Jayawijaya,” Edison said.

“We have also received a statement from the head and members of KPU Papua saying that they will not inaugurate the candidate of KPUD Jayawijaya’s new commissioners  until the problems are addressed and solved wisely and through the appropriate mechanism,” he said.

The secretary of MPPDJ Team, Festus Asso, said representatives from 40 districts in Jayawijaya regency had signed a letter rejecting the results of the KPUD Jayawijaya selection process.

“The head of each district also signed the rejection letter and gave it to DPRD Jayawijaya.” said Festus.

Meanwhile, a student in Jayawijaya Regency, Moin Wetipo, criticized KPU Papua for what he called  “inconsistency” in dealing with the issue.

“We , the people of the mountains of central Jayawijaya are ready to boycott the elections.” he said. (Jubi / Indrayadi TH/Tina)

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