The match when Persipura defeated by Perseru (Jubi)


The match when Persipura defeated by Perseru (Jubi)

The match when Persipura defeated by Perseru (Jubi)

Jayapura , 10/1 ( Jubi ) – Defeating Persipura from Perseru , 2-3 in Inter Island Cup ( IIC ) Sulawesi and Papua, caused of the team is not cooperative yet, also several main players are leaving team.

“For me, probably because most of the main players left Persipura. This is a reflective evaluation of the coach. Despite already workout but when the game has not understood one another. So they are not cooperative yet. In the next match, my friends can show the best,” said Boaz, after assessing their opening match against Perseru, Friday, January 10 .

He knew Persipura in pre -season preparation for this competition, has worked hard with loaded exercises . Player born in 1986 was also convinced that the defeat experienced by Jackson’s team is not the end of a struggle.
“I did see them training hard enough , but the defeat is not the end of the struggle of Persipura . Anyone and any team would definitely accept this defeat and the next game can definitely play better.” said Boaz Sollosa .

Raining factor, Bochi, his nickname though was not a problem. Because of the rain too, Persipura can reply goals.
“It may be less coordination with one another .” he said , as he realized that Persipura did not try out before competing in the Inter Island Cup ( IIC ) in 2014 .


In the match, Persipura was leading 1-0 in the first round in the 4th minute through a free kick made by Ferdinand Pahabol. The notch was ultimately survive until the first half . In the second half marked by heavy rains , that’s where the revival of Perseru. Perseru is capable of leading 2-1 respectively in minute 59 and 56 who donated by Perseru’s striker, Sunday Oboh and midfield playe, Arthur Barius Bonay .

In seven minutes later , with a shot free kick , Ian Kabes equalized to 2-2. Then, in the 70th minute after an own goal made by Foday Boakay to change 3-2. Until the end of the match both teams, the score remained 3-2 .

Persipura actually had a chance to make draw. At minute 63 , Pahabol had a chance in front of goal Perseru , but did not produce a goal . The same thing also experienced by Riky Kayame in 83 minutes replacing Immanuel Wanggai , but the chance in the 90th minute through a left foot shot was unfocused and just above the crossbar of Perseru .

“Persipura is forming after some players left. It is not about win or lost. Persipura is working to find their format. Playing football is not mathematics , but a reflex.” said the former player of Persipura in era – 1975, Nico Ramandey. ( Jubi / Roberth Wanggai/Tina )

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