A Singaporean To Report to Singapore Embassy and Police in Jakarta


Merauke, Jubi- A Singapore national, Lou Bei An, threatened to report threats against him allegedly by Andi Choa and his friends to the Singapore Embassy and the Police in Jakarta if Merauke police failed to take action.

“Frankly, my life is seriously threatened because at the time of the incident at the end of July 2014 ago, Andi Choa with other actors attacked me with a machete and other equipments at Lampu satu Merauke. So I had to be rushed to the local hospital and treated for one week,” Lou Bei An said, last week.

“I suffered very serious injuries in the head due to the machete and other parts of the body,” he said.

A local resident who used to maintain his speed boat said Andi Choa with his friends would burn. his boat speed down. He then immediately phoned one of the top officials of Merauke police so that members can be deployed to the location.

A few later, he went to the Lampu Satu.
“Only when I got there, the police had not arrived yet.And Andi Choa and his friends then used the chance to persecute me. After the persecution accident, police came and secured seven persecutors including Andy Choa and taken to the Merauke police. After a few weeks of being held, Andy Choa was released because of herniation,” he added.


In fact, he added, two actors, Mery and Angel named as a suspect,were not called and held. “I’ve been reported also to the Police about the two of them, but not responded well. It makes me not satisfied with the handling of the case, “he added.

As a foreigner, he said, he also had to be given a place to get justice. Since it has been hacked and molested repeatedly by the perpetrators. ” At the moment, I let the Merauke police to handle the case, but if there is no further action, I will complain to the Singapore embassy in Jakarta, “he said.

He hoped that the perpetrators who are now roaming free, get arrested and send back to detention as well as the case will be trial to the court.

Chief deputy of Merauke police, commissioner Kompol Muhzin Neungkela via short message, said he would check first the case referred to the investigator who handled it. (Frans L Kobun/ Tina)

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