A Note from Indonesian Human Right Commission Following Its Recommendation on Ad Hoc Team


Jayapura, Jubi – Indonesian National Human Right Commission after the two days plenary meeting last week announced receiving an investigative report from Paniai Investigation Team on the shooting dead of four students on 8 December 2014.

“The commission received the report from Paniai Investigation Team and recommended the submission of this report taking to Law 26/2000 with a note for the team to complete the report with a case matrix and legal assessment,” the Investigation Team Chairman Dr. Maneger Nasution to dozens of Papuan students and other supporters last week.

He and other Commissioner Natalius Pigay added the case matrix and legal process would be presented in the next plenary in May. “Within one month we must complete the report with legal assessment and case matrix to fulfill the standard of international law’s instrument,” he said.

Further, in responding the students’s question about the plenary’s recommendation, Pigay answered,” If the commission has categorized the case into Law 26, it means it would form the Ad Hoc team that earlier recognized as KPP HAM for Paniai case.”

However, several Papuan human activists considered this recommendation is still bias. “Its phrase is bias, “taking to” means it has not taken to Law 26/2000,” Papuan human right activist Budi Hernawan said.


Meanwhile, the Papua Legislative Council’s Commission I Laurenzius Kadepa in responding to the plenary’s result said since beginning he believed the Indonesian Human Right Commission was working under the certain parties’ pressure. “I suspect it is a scenario to protect the perpetrators taking to the Court. The National Human Right Commission doesn’t respect Papuan people’s voice, in particular the victims’ families,” said Kadepa. (Victor Mambor/rom)

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