Hanura's suporter when hold a campaign for Parliement Alection (Jubi)


Hanura's suporter when hold a campaign for Parliement Alection (Jubi)

Hanura’s suporter when hold a campaign for Parliement Alection (Jubi)

Jayapura, 15/7 (Jubi) – A legislature candidate from Hanura Party, Letinus Jikwa threatened to lead the mass and occupy the Papua Election Commission (KPU) Office if it denied to restore his voting result. He claimed to miss 11,550 votes.  

“I gave three days started from Monday (14/7) to KPU Papua to follow up the verdict of the Election Honor Council (DKPP) to restore my votes in Gamelia and Dimba sub-districts, Lanny Jaya Regency or I will lead the mass for demonstration and occupy the KPU Papua Office,” Letinus Jikwa said on Tuesday (15/7).

He’s also taking the legal action towards the KPU Papua. “I’ll report the commissioners of KPU Papua to the Papua Police due to ballots fraud in Gamelia and Dimba sub-districts of Lanny Jaya Regency. I have submitted the verdict issued by DKPP to the KPU Papua on 4 June for their further action,” he said.

Further, he claimed to have 32,245 votes in the legislature election that held on 9 April, but he got only two votes announced in the provincial plenary session.
“After I insisted, it finally restored but only 20,695 and the rest was still missing up to now,” he said.


In response to this issue, the Chairman of KPU Papua, Adam Arisoy said he didn’t know about the letter submitted by a candidate. But he said it does not make sense if DKPP processed the voting result of the legislature candidate.
“DKPP is merely processing the alleged violation by the election organizer, while the voting result is the authority of the Constitutional Court (MK), said Arisoy.

But, he further said, MK has merely ordered to restore 1,015 votes of Amanat National Party in Nabire Regency. “Nothing more. They could run a protest if they wanted. That’s their right. But we only referred to the existing rule,” he said. (Jubi/Arjuna/rom)

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