EU Ambassador Vincent Guérend (right) - Jubi/Alexander Loen

EU Welcome Investment in Papua

EU Ambassador Vincent Guérend (right) - Jubi/Alexander Loen

EU Ambassador Vincent Guérend (right) – Jubi/Alexander Loen

Jayapura, Jubi – Papua Vice Governor Klemen Tinal invited the European Union to invest in various sectors in Papua.

“Papua is open for everyone. So, go ahead,” Tinal told reporters after receiving the EU Ambassador at his office in Jayapura.

Papuan people must learn to accept other people, furthermore Papua is currently becoming part of free trading or that is usually called the ASEAN Economic Community (MEA).

“Papuans must learn to accept the outsiders, because the world is global now,” he said.


He added the Papua Provincial Government is strongly supporting the programs that bring a good impact –whether it is direct or indirect, such as environmental and energy programs.

“However, for those who want to invest in Papua, they must obey the existing rules and regulations,” said Tinal.

Earlier, the EU Ambassador Vincent Guérend with the Director of the EU Partnership for Indonesia Franck Viault and the EU Program Manager Giovanni Serritella visited the Papua Provincial Government on Monday (13/6/2016).

The mission purpose of the ambassador and delegates to Papua is to monitor the implementation of Participatory Monitoring by Civil society of Land-use Planning for Low Emission Development strategies (ParCiMon) Project that has been running in three regencies Jayapura, Merauke and Jayawijaya in order to achieve the low-emission base development and the attempt to contribute towards the low-emission base development in Indonesia.

“This mission is the EU’s follow up in supporting the sustainable green development in Papua,” Guérend told reporters in Jayapura.

Through ParCiMon Project, he explained, Papua Provincial Government, in particular three working regencies and the EU have had the partnership in strengthening the local capacity so that the local stakeholders could do planning, implement and conduct monitoring and evaluation on green sustainable development activities.

“For four years of the implementation period, ParCiMon Project was implemented by partners consisting of World Agroforestry Center (ICRAF) Papua (PLCD-TF), Brawijaya University and YALI Papua,” he said. (Alexander Loen/rom)

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