Christian Isir (Jubi)


Christian Isir (Jubi)

Christian Isir (Jubi)

Merauke, 4/2 (Jubi) – Secretary of Social Service agency in Merauke agency, Christian Isir stated that the transportation to Woelbuti Village,  Tubang District is very difficult and challenging to reach. So, practically any construction in that village is running well. As a result, the people’s way of living from time to time are not developed yet.

The statement above was explained by Isir to when met in his office on Tuesday (2/4). According to him, in 2012, he with the team from the central and provincial governments conducted a feasibility study to build housing there.
“Frankly, the people’s way of living is very appalling. Home building was not feasible. They just build the walls and roof from bark.” he said.

He added, the condition of houses is very poor. Local community with 71 families (KK) only relying on life from nature. They entered the woods and  do hunting and catching fish and sago.
“It is difficult to get rice. Because when it will go to the Okaba Disrict, they need to row boat for days as well as through the land, the road is still broken, especially in the rainy season like now. Thus, the topography of the area is very remote. ” he said.

Furthermore, Isir said that by looking at the housing conditions which are in poor condition, the central government then build housing residents. First stage was 20 housing units that have been built in 2013 and has been occupied. While the rest will be completed in 2014.
“There is already a commitment from the central government to resolve. I always establish communications with Papua provincial agency of Social Service for the completion of the rest of the housing. Thankfully, this year the construction will be accomplished. ” he added.


Head of Village and Community Empowerment Government of Merauke, Drs. Fredy Talubun also justified if the villages are very remote. So, Special fund of Gerbangku can not be cashed. However, there are specific policies undertaken by the Merauke Regent, Drs. Romanus Mbaraka, MT to help the people there. (Jubi / Ans / Tina)

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