Indigenous Papuan and their traditional weapons (IST)


Indigenous Papuan and their traditional weapons (IST)

Indigenous Papuan and their traditional weapons (IST)

Suva , 14/3 ( Jubi ) – Conflict between  group of Moni and  Dani communities in Timika which was  lasted for two days  resulted dozens of people injured including one woman and 2 people killed.

” The number of victims on March 11 was 4 people consisted of one woman, 2 men injured by arrows and the other one by airguns. One of the victims is a police officer, ” Maria Florida Kotorok, division head of  public relation of  Mitra Masyarakat hospital  told via e-mail  (14/3).

The following day on March 12, the number of victims who sent to the hospital increased. “As many as 61 victims which are  2 female, 5 people hit by bullets,  9 people hit by airguns and the rest hit by arrows, ” Maria wrote.

This number is not included the injuries who are treated at local government hospital. Two victims hit by the police’s bullets were died. The other three are still under treatment at hospital, according to Mary.


This is very odd,  this incident was  between group of Moni and  Dani communities but there were victims because of shooting.  ” Why there were  bullet casualties? The police has  to open who is the owner of those bullets. ” she demanded.

If this case is not uncovered that there is an attempt to conduct mass murder against Papuans on behalf of tribal war. “  The apparatus said it is a tribal war and must be resolved in tribal custom way. It indicates that the police let both tribal communities kill each other in front of them and let more Papuans die vainly,” she said.

While Father Neles Tebay said the conflict between communities  is not new problem. It is a kind of repetition that probably has different actors. The people involved may have experienced inter-community violence for long time.

He urged both tribes should think how to end the violence and also how to prevent this violence happen again in the future. “ Well, now the victims are not only from both communities but also from the security forces. Maybe later, the civilians who have nothing to do with this tribal war would became a victim, ” he stated again. ( Jubi / Mawel/ Tina )

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