Illustration of Papua women with her children - unicef - IST

542 women in Merauke have cervical cancer


Illustration of Papua women with her children – unicef – IST

Merauke, Jubi – There are 542 women were detected with cervical cancer in 2017, Merauke Regency. Head of Merauke BPJS Representative, dr. Hendra Jemmy Rompas said the number of women affected by cervical cancer this year are more than previous year, which was 265 people.

“This is a concern for all of us and it is expected that regular checks is conducted necessarily. So it is more quickly to be detected and get treatment,” he said during a press conference with a number of journalists at BPJS Branch Office Merauke, Thursday (July 13).

“We also cooperate with several Healthcare Units. And it is recommended that women, who have married, do not hesitate to come to check, “he said.

Head of Health Service of Merauke Regency, dr. Adolf Bolang explains the cause of women cervical cancer is exchanging sex partner without using any safety (condoms).


“To prevent the cancer, it needs to regularly condicted health checks. The cancer is more vulnerable to adult women who have a family,” he said.

With a routine examination, he continued, it can detect early cervical cancer. If there are symptoms, he suggests coming to the clinic or hospital to do the examination to get treatment quickly.

The disease did not attack men or women who are still girls. It is only to women who have active sexual intercourse.(*)

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