Illustrated Anopheles Sundaicus - Jubi

49 Children Suffer Dengue in Merauke

Illustrated Anopheles Sundaicus - Jubi

Illustrated Anopheles Sundaicus – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – Merauke Health Office chief Stevanus Osok said the number of patients with dengue fever from January-February reached 49, mostly children.

There are 17 cases in January while 32 cases in February occurred in some villages with details as follows: 6 children in Maro, 6 children in Mandala, 1 patient in Karang Indah, 3 patients in Seringgu, 2 patients in Banpel, 2 patients in Samkai, 6 patients in Rimba Jaya, 5 patients in Kelapa Lima, 2 patients in SP and 2 patients in Tanah Miring, 5 patients in Rawa Sari, 1 patient in Kurik, 7 patients in Kumbe, 2 patients in Padang Raharja and 1 patient in Semangga Jaya.

Those patients, he said, were treated at Merauke Public Hospital and a private hospital, Bunda Harapan and the Navy Hospital.
“They are mostly treated at Merauke Public Hospital,” Osok told Jubi on Monday (22/2/2016).

Most are already undergoing treatment and recovery, so they can go home. But some are also on recovery treat.
“So far none are reportedly died of dengue fever,” he said.


Further Osok said the regional health office has repeatedly warned people to keep their environment clean. Dirty environment and puddles would be places for mosquitoes to hide.

Merauske Sub-district Chief Hasan Matdoan has instructed the village chiefs to mobile residents to clean their environment considering many children have being treated at hospital due to dengue outbreaks. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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