47 Residents to Learn in Community Learning Center


Timika, Jubi – The head of Non-Formal Education in Papua, Ignatius Batmomolin, said 47 residents of Nabire who work for palm oil companies participated in the  “Kejar Paket” program to get a diploma. This program was held by Community Learning Centers (CLC) operating around oil palm companies.

He said he hoped that Non–Formal Education division would work together with the companies in order to grab more people to learn since there are many of the employees who have not been educated.

“Of course I hope there will be MoU in the near future so that The “ Kejar Paket A, B and C program will run effectively. One of our commitments is to set up Commmunity Learning Centers located in Manasari, Potowaiburu, Kapiraya and Hoya. It has been a demand from the public through the teachers who taught there,” Batmomolin explained in Timika on Friday ( 14/11).

Hopefully, the particpants would study hard to get a diploma. Later, the certificate can be used for various purposes, including job applications. (Eveerth Joumilena/ Tina)


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