Kenius Kogoya, member of DPRP (Jubi)


Kenius Kogoya, member of DPRP (Jubi)

Kenius Kogoya, member of DPRP (Jubi)

Jayapura, 13/1 (Jubi) – The People’s Representatives Council of Papua (DPRP) will ask the police to talk about the arrest of 46 Papuan activists in welcoming the delegation of Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) in their mission to Kota Jayapura, Papua, Monday (13/1)

The parliament thought that the Police of the Republic of Indonesia has defected the heart of the people of Papua. Moreover, they arrested them in the yard of the House of Representative. ‘We will ask the police authority in order to brief some guidance about having the positive thinking for not making the unfit arrests,” said Kenius Kogoya, the member of parliament, to in the Governor Office, Jalan Soa Siu, Dok II, Kota Jayapura, Papua, Monday afternoon, (13/01).

According to Kogoya, when Papuans expressed their aspiration in the House of Representatives, they should be got a respect. “They’ve been arrested instead which is meaning that the officers do not respect the parliament. This action has disgraced and closed the democratic space.  If the police officers arrested the people in the House of Representative, it was a mistake, incorrect. Therefore they have defected the heart of the people of Papua through such action,” said Kogoya, the politician of the PPRN Papua Party.

He said the police should be acknowledged with this ethic. “About the aspiration, listen to what they want to say. What is their aspiration? It should be appreciated,” he said again.


According to the source of from the West Papua National Committee, the arrested activists are Markus Haluk, the Secretary General of AMPTPI (Alliance of Central Highland Students Indonesia); Agus Kosay, the First Chairman of Central KNPB, Ucok Logo, the Head of Intelligence Commissariat of Central KNP; Ogram Wanimbo, Head of Diplomacy of Central KNPB, Jummy, First Chairman of KNPB Numbay; Jhon Suhu and other 46 activists.

It is said that on Monday around 06:00 am Papua time, people under coordination of WPNCL, KNPB, NRPB, and other student organizations to occupy the Sentani Airport in order to welcome the visit of delegation of MSG.

But since they came first and then picked up by Pangdam XVII/Cenderawasih (Army Commander) and the Chief of the Police Office Papua around 08:30 Papua time toward the Papua House of Representative by 1 pick up, 1 star wagon and 2 carry and arrived at 10:10 Papua time.

When Markus Haluk was gave the oration, the police under Wakapolresta Jayapura, AKP Kiki Kurnia came to dismiss the demonstration. Until this written was released, there has been no official statement from the Police Office of Jayapura.

Yunus Wonda, the Vice Chairperson 1 of DPRP, said that this arrest could not be justified. “There should be no arrest like that,” said Yunus when confirmed by in the Governor Office, Kota Jayapura, Papua, Monday afternoon (13/1). (Jubi/Timo Marten/P. Maizier)

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