The Indonesia's military personnel - Suplied

450 Soldiers Dispatched to Papua

The Indonesia's military personnel - Suplied

The Indonesia’s military personnel – Suplied

Purbalingga, Jubi – As many as 450 soldiers from Central Java were dispatched to Papua to be part of the Indonesia–Papua New Guinea Border Task Force Unit .

The assignment of soldiers from Infantry Battalion 406/Candra Kusuma, Purbalingga, was marked with a ceremony led by Purbalingga Police Chief Adjunct Police Commissionaire Anom Setiadji. In his speech, the chief said the management of state’s border area is needed in order to bring a legal certainty on the scope of state’s territorial as well as the authority to manage the State’s territorial and sovereign right.

“The Military’s involvement in law enforcement at the border can not be separated with the tasks mandated in the Law No.34 2004 about Indonesian Military,” he said on last week.

He said keeping the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia, which is covering Sabang to Merauke becomes a firmness and orientation of Indonesian Military. In addition, the integration of Military and people is the resource of primary strength of Military in carrying the State’s duty. Indonesian Military was born and grew with people until the end, and the integration between Military and people is a standing and strong pillar applied for Military strength.


“The Military’s reform succeeds to show the real result. The Military has returned to its identity, role and tasks of State’s guard, which is to secure the sovereignty and integrity of the Republic of Indonesia. These achievements should be maintained and kept,” he said.

Law enforcement in the Indonesian border area currently could be classified as hard-border security regime, meaning it must be strictly guarded by the armed troop. Beside to secure the State’s sovereignty, the security guard is also to prevent the illegal activities such as illegal logging, human trafficking, explosion smuggling, infiltration, and sabotage as well as foreign intelligent activity. (*/rom)

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