Fuel retailers in Wamena City, West Papua (Jubi)

There is a game in the distribution of fuel (BBM ) in Jayawijaya regency

Fuel retailers in Wamena City, West Papua (Jubi)

Fuel retailers in Wamena City, West Papua (Jubi)

Wamena, 15/1 (Jubi) – Member of Jayawijaya’s Parliament, Yance Tenoye said, the issue of scarcity of fuel (BBM) in Jayawijaya is not a new case. According to him, the condition becomes a classic problem every year, especially on religious holidays. Where the fuel become scarce, retailers raising the prices. There is a serious problem that must be addressed by all stakeholders.

As a member of Jayawijaya’s Parliament, Yance stated  that there is a game in the distribution of fuel (BBM ) in Jayawijaya regency. Therefore, it is a time Jayawijaya government should take steps to normalize the fuel distribution system in and around the town of Wamena .

” We must be transparent, this can not be happening like this. I got information from the Industrial, Trade and Cooperatives ( Perindakop) office yesterday that there is fuel shortages due to lack of transportation to transport. Now I can say there is a game. However, the airline like Trigana said that it is normal. What is actually the real problem?. “said Yance to journalist on Wednesday ( 15/1 ) .
He explained  that if we let it happened, oknum ( unscrupulous officers ) will keep playing the game.
“Why it is still going on? There must be a speculative, these people are hypocrite players, so we need to talk. ” he said .
Besides that, the Jayawijaya Parliament also highlighted, Perindakop office, Jayawijaya tends to take care of the fuel which is actually the authority of the PT . Pertamina .
” The most important , the government in this case Industrial, Trade and Cooperatives Department (Disperindakop) has tasks and functions to supervise and not to organize and carry out these issues.” he said.
According to him, making arrangements coupon is one solution but it should have time limit and not be protracted until now.
Therefore,Yance hopes , it is necessity for the Local Government of Jayawijaya to take this issue seriously on how to request the allotment addition and cooperation agreement with all Regents who governing  in all  Central Mountains territory .
” As long as this coupon system is still organized by Perindakop then the matter will be continued . Therefore , there must be a courageous breakthrough. Must be returned to Pertamina . ” he said . Yance Tenoye added that the Jayawijaya government should hand in back  the setting fuel ( BBM ) authority to PT Pertamina Persero.
One of community public figures , Isaias Wuka when found in Wamena on Wednesday ( 15/1 ) described , as a community member, he fully supports the statement of one of the representatives of the people .
He argued, Disperinda ( Industrial and Trade Department) has no authority to organize and distribute the fuel but its main duty is to supervise the distribution of fuel in Wamena.
“Perindakop’s main duty is to supervise and not deal with transporting the fuel which is so complicated. Because of this reason, I support to give back to Pertamina and let Pertamina handle it. ” said Isaias Wuka.
Isaias also asked the local government and PT. Pertamina Persero in  order to add fuel quota for Jayawijaya. Since, the demand for fuel in Jayawijaya is increasing lately.
Furthermore, he requested PT. Pertamina Persero to open gas station and APMS in every corner of the city .
“If possible, Pertamina also opens agents in every corner of city that gives access to the fuel ( BBM) service. Because till now, to get subsidized fuel is only one door that is through the Department of Trade and Industrial, Jayawijaya . ” he said. ( Jubi /Islami/Tina )

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