Fish market in Hamadi, Jayapura - Jubi

4.000 Tons Fish and Seafood Sent Out of Merauke in 2015

Fish market in Hamadi, Jayapura - Jubi

Fish market in Hamadi, Jayapura – Jubi

Merauke, Jubi – A total of 4,000 tons of fish, shrimps and squids were sent to other Indonesian cities such as Surabaya, Jakarta and Makassar last year.

“Once the moratorium issued by the Indonesian Ministry of Marine and Fisheries, many large fleets hiring the foreign workers stopped their operation. It positively affected the traditional fishermen that currently they could take their catches in large quantities while doing their fishing,” said Secretary of Merauke Marine and Fisheries Office, Martha Bayu to Jubi at her office on Wednesday (27/1/2016).

There are different size and type of fishes exported including snapper. “Snapper is the most potential fish to be exported, because instead of fish meat, its fish maw is also sold,” he said.

The moratorium affected to the closure of fish company at Waman a year ago, whereas a ship of Perindo Company that already docked at the Merauke seaport stopped their activity in Polepom Island where is the fishing area of traditional fishermen.


About the price of fish, she said it has been set in accordance of procedures to protect the price based on the species. “Indeed the price varies, and if I am not mistaken the snapper is usually sold at Rp 10,000 per kilogram,” he said.

Customary leader from Sabon Village, Waan Sub-district, Soter Kamiawi said generally the villages in the sub-district is very potential with fishes, but they have difficulties to sell their catches. (Frans L Kobun/rom)

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