Illustration of learning and teaching activity of Gerakan Papua Mengajar -

28.75 percent, Papua is the highest on illiteracy


Illustration of learning and teaching activity of Gerakan Papua Mengajar –

Jakarta, Jubi – The Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) said that illiteracy-free level in the country reached 97.93 percent. It means that 2.07 percent or 3.4 million people still do not know letters and are unable to read.

The number of illiteracy in the country at the age of 15-59 years spread in 11 provinces. A total of 28.75 percent of people in Papua are still unable to recognize letters and reading, making Papua the highest province of illiteracy, according to a press release on Monday(11/9/2017).

In addition to Papua, illiteracy figures follow 7.91 percent in West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), 5.15 percent in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), 4.58 percent in West Sulawesi, 4.50 percent in West Kalimantan, 4, 49 percent in South Sulawesi, 3.57 percent in Bali, 3.47 percent in East Java, 2.90 percent in North Kalimantan, 2.74 percent in Southeast Sulawesi and 2.20 percent in Central Java.

From the world’s illiteracy index, according to researcher at the Central Connecticut State University in New Britain, John Miller that in 2016 Indonesia is still ranked 60 of 61 countries that have been collected data.


This research emphasizes the results of the exam to recognize letters and also looks at characteristics of educated attitudes, for example, the number of libraries and newspapers in schools and the availability of computers in a country. This research not only sees the citizens’ ability to read and write, but also the support and attitude of their citizens.

In response, Vice Chairman of the House Commission X, Abdul Fikri Faqih admitted concerned about the number of illiteracyin the country.

“The illiteracy eradication program is in the Directorate General of Early Childhood and Dikmas Kemendikbud, but those who continue to monitor the country’s illiteracy rate are Perpurnas (National Libarary). Unfortunately the coordination between the two parties has not been seen yet,” said Abdul Fikri.(*)

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