2018 Connectivity Target for Papua Unrealistic : LIPI



Jakarta, Jubi – Study Team Coordinator Papua, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Adriana Elisabeth, believes Papua connectivity can be achieved, but the target of President Joko Widodo for all regencies to be passed overland in 2018 is unrealistic.

“2018 is unrealistic. Many of the prerequisites must be met in order to achieve these targets,” said Adriana Elisabeth, contacted in Jakarta on Sunday (10/1/2016)

She added the necessary prerequisites are budget support, technology, and human resources. When all these prerequisites can be prepared, connectivity can be achieved.

” For example the Dutch, even though the support of technology is still lagging behind compared to now, but be able to build up such Jayapura. When looking back at the history, I believe the development of infrastructure for connectivity in Papua can be done, “he said.


He further said infrastructure development in Papua also need to be communicated with the local community so as not to arouse suspicion and be well received.

“I think the new Papua connectivity can be achieved within five years with the support of the budget, technology, and human resources are sufficient. Papuan human resources also need to be prepared to accept the development, “he said.

He said that the government has been too often only to physical construction without preparing the public to accept the development and results.

When the then local people doing the rejection of the planned construction of the government, they then accused of being anti-government parties.

“Program a lot, but does not deliver the proper way. The duty to communicate the regional head of the government’s development program, “he said. (*)

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