HDI Ilustration of Jaypaura Regency - IST

2016: Indonesia’s Human Development Index is raising, while Papua still low


HDI Ilustration of Jaypaura Regency – IST

Jakarta, Jubi – Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS) noted Indonesia’s Human Development Index (HDI) in 2016 entered the highest category, increased by 0.63 points to 70.18 from 2015.

“In 2016, the status of human development in Indonesia increased from ‘moderate’ to ‘high’, Indonesia’s HDI in 2016 grew by 0.91 percent compared to 2015,” BPS chief, Suhariyanto said in a press conference in Jakarta as quoted by Antara news agency on Monday (April 17th).

Papua is still listed in the category of Low or with index below 60. However, the disparity is quite high, for example HDI in Nduga District, Papua Province is 26.56, while in Jayapura City has reached 78.56.

But it is also said that the growth of HDI is the highest in Papua which reached 1.40 percent, followed by South Sumatra 1.16 percent and East Java 1.15 percent.


BPS does not explain further the cause of the high growth rate of HDI in Papua Province even though the value of HDI itself is in the low category.

End 2016, Head of Jayapura Regency Central Statistics Agency, Jeffry de Fretes to Jubi said that the regency has increased its HDI over the last four years.

The HDI of Jayapura Regendy was 70.04 percent in 2015, ranked third after Jayapura City and Timika Regency.

“There is a significant increase compared to previous years that were still below the current 70 percent,” he said in Sentani mid-December last year.

According to him, the indicator of HDI increase is triggered by the increase of per capita expenditure, education and health sector. Particularly for education, in 2011 the school’s expectation was 12.91 percent then increase to 13.79 percent in 2015.

At that time the Head of Jayapura Regency Education Office, Alpius Toam admitted an increase in education. However, teacher’s availability were still problem.

“We don’t have enough teachers, but still, efforts will continue to be done to improve education, “he said.(*)

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