Illustration of Non Timber Products Potential - IST

200 trillion, the value of Non-Timber Forest potential in Papua


Illustration of Non Timber Products Potential – IST

Jayapura, Jubi – Provincial Government of Papua said the potential of Non-Timber Forest Products (NTFP) reaches Rp 200 trillion per year. The potential is based on the study conducted by Research and Development Agency of Papua Province.

“An increase in the potential of NTFPs in Papua is needed. Because if it managed and processed well they will bring great revenue for Papua,” said Assistant for Economic Affairs and People’s Welfare, Secretary of Papua, Elia Loupatty, Tuesday (October 10).

According to him, the study of Research and Development Agency of Papua Province shows the potential of forest from upstream to downstream can generate Rp 200 trillion per year. “This is without destroying the forest,” Elia added.

The potential is much larger than the Special Autonomy Fund (Otsus) which is only Rp 5 trillion, but Elijah ensures it needs good management and coordination. “Management of NTFPs requires strong coordination,” he said.


Head of Papua Forestry and Conservation Agency, Yan Yap Ormuseray invites people in his region to intensively protect the forest and the environment. “Because almost the entire territory of Papua is covered by excellent natural forest and has a very high selling value,” said Yan Yap.

According to him, development with regard to environment is a key requirement for provincial, regencies and municipal governments in Papua. “All development should be initiated by conducting environmental studies,” Yan added.

He emphasized the special development that goes through the forest need to be preceded by a strategic study on the environment. It also applies to the road construction for the people. “It is also important to see the impact on the environment, because it is now become world’s attention,” he said.(

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