17 Tons of Rice Delivered to Nasem Village


Merauke, Jubi- After a demonstration held by villagers in Nasem on Tuesday (1/20), Merauke regency directly distributed 17 tons of rice under the rice for the poor program (Raskin) to the village. 

“Following the demonstration, Merauke deputy regent Sunarjo issued a disposition to deliver rice to Nasem village. My friend and I drove into the village,” a regency official, Eko Blasius Sofyan, said on Wednesday (1/21).

Furthermore Blasius explained, this distribution is done every three months after the community deposited their money. According to the rules, Raskin money is paid by citizens to the village head. Next to the district and the district will deal with the state logistics’Agency of Merauke for process of rice distribution to each village.

However, before distributing, the head of the district must apply in advance to the division of Economic Secretariat of Merauke.

“So, we do not have any authority to take care of rice for the poor program. So if there are issues, please ask the head of the district,” he said.

Perkeda received a complete report and as far as they know that rice has been distributed to the people in the villages including Merauke district.

Head of Merauke district Hasan Matdoan confirmed, it will conduct an internal examination to the staff at the district level in order to get detail information. (Frans L Kobun/Tina)

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