Street children in Merauke City (Jubi)

16 Street Children in Merauke Receive Graduation Certificates

Street children in Merauke City (Jubi)

Street children in Merauke City (Jubi)

Merauke, Jubi – Sixteen street children in Merauke City received graduation certificates through Paket A Education Program (the elementary out of school program).

“To those children, we embraced and encouraged them to continue their study through Paket A Program in order obtaining the graduation certificate. So they can continue to the higher education. Sixteen children has finished their examination and obtained the certificate,” the Wasur One-roof High School Principal. Sergius Womsiwor told Jubi by phone on Thursday (13/11).

He admitted to keep encourage the children and motivate them to continue their study in the formal junior high school, but the constrain is their jobs as waste pickers.
“It becomes a major constraint. We are difficult to accommodate it well. Furthermore, they won’t be in one place, but scattered. So it’s not easy to attach them everyday in one place,” he said.

Earlier, the Head of Merauke Social Office, Latang Hasan admitted many Papuan Children work on the street as garbage pickers or beggars in front of the stores. However, it’s seasonal. Though the government wants to accommodate those children, but their parents refused. He added that most of the children come from Mappi and Asmat. They are begging or picking the garbage not everyday, but only in certain time. (Frans L Kobun/rom)


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