15 Percent of Regional Budget Allocated for Health Development


Wamena, Jubi – Papua health chief Drg. Aloysius Giay reminded Papua’s regional heads to allocate 15 percent of the Regional Budget for health development.

He said in Wamena on Tuesday (12/01/2016) that budget allocation for health development is mandated in the Law 21/2001 on Papua Special Autonomy.

“I ask to the regional and municipal governments to allocate at least 15 percent of their total budget for health services development. It is the mandate of Papua Special Autonomy Law,” he said.

Related to this issue, he also reminded the regional heads and their officials to not reduce the allocated budget for health sector. Without adequate budgetary support, he said, the health development in many regencies and municipality in Papua would not be well implemented.

As the result, he said, such regions would difficult to provide the basic health services, moreover to deal with epidemic diseases that might lead to death of citizens as it was occurred recently at Mbua Sub-district, Nduga Regency.


“If the Regional Health officials proposed the Budget Plan for health services, I ask the regent or Regional Planning Development Agency or Regional Finance Agency to not reduce the figures,” he said.

Giay also reminded all stakeholders whose tasks and responsibilities are taking care the public services, especially related to the health services, to work seriously.

Until now, Papua Health Office is still waiting further confirmation from the Animal Husbandry Office on the result of laboratory tests on mass chicken death before the extraordinary case of dozens of infant mortality in that area. (*/rom)

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