14 Seats Belong to Five of Indigenous Territories


Abepura, Jubi – The chairman of Barisan Merah Putih Papua, Ramses Ohee, urged the political elite to stop snatching provincial legislative seats intended for indigenous Papuans through Act No. 21 of 2001 on Special Autonomy.

“Political elites, you have got your portion and this time, the seats belongs to indigenous Papuans,” Ohee said in press conference at his residence in Waena Village, Heram district on Friday (23/1).

He urged the provincial government to conduct its recruitment process according to the standard mechanism. The government must give space to the indigenous people of five territories in Papua to choose their representatives.

“Two regions become part of West Papua province and the other five territories are in Papua. Tribal leaders of five indigenous territories must be gathered to discuss their own candidates,” he said firmly.

Ohee said five leaders of indigenous territories in the province of Papua have recommended himself to decide who will sit in the parliament. “They asked me in written. They wanted me to choose so that Papua is safe,” he said.


Chairman deputy of Commission I of Papua Legislative Council on Government, Justice and Human Rights, Orgenes Wanimbo said, any Papuan is entitled to occupy 14 seats by appointment. Even the Free Papua Movement (OPM) has the right to sit in that chair. (Mawel Benny/Tina)

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