Police took student's stuff that will be used for a protest - Jubi

13 Students Arrested in Sorong over Education Rally

Police took student's stuff that will be used for a protest - Jubi

Police took student’s stuff that will be used for a protest – Jubi

Sorong, Jubi – A total of 13 student activists who staged a solidarity rally highlighting poor education quality in Sorong have been questioned by police in Sorong city.

This demonstration should have taken place in the Mayor’s Office of Sorong on Thursday (13/8/2015) but it was canceled because the protestors were forcibly dispersed by police officers in front of Tio shop, Sorong city.’

The purpose of the activists who are members of the Student Association of West Papua was actually to demand head of Education and Culture of the City of Sorong to resign because over 13 years he is incapable of addressing education problems for example the expensiveness of school tuition.

The demonstration was canceled since there was no permit issued by Sorong city police officers Sorong.


Sorong city Criminal Police, Adj AKP. Amad Rumalean said, the 20 protesters were forced to dismiss because there was no license so that their actions were considered illegal.

He then added they should have valid data in order to be submitted to the police that the case be investigated “If they have valid data and submit it to us, I promise I will definitely investigate it,” he said.

While Coordinator of Papuan Intellectual in Sorong city Robertus Nauw, deplored the arrogant attitude of police officers who did not open the democratic space for them “It’s character assassination of people of Papua. Police have to be mature and to students’ context on doing this,” he added.

As many as 13 student activists were arrested by police officers, when they were heading to the Mayor’s office on Thursday at 11:00 CET. They are Naftali Kinho, Harianto Hae, Joni Malibela, Marius Bofra, Onesimus Paa, Ursianus Kinho, Herman Syufi, Raimon Yekwam, Ronal Yesnat, New Sakarias, Somon Momo, Teonardus Turot, Melianus Nau. (Niko MB / Dominggus Mampioper/ Tina)

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