Commemorating the 12 anniversary of the Wamena Tragedy -

12 Years after Bloody Wamena Tragedy, KontraS Urges Government to Solve Rights Cases

Commemorating the 12 anniversary of the Wamena Tragedy -

Commemorating the 12 anniversary of the Wamena Tragedy –

Jayapura, Jubi – In commemorating the 12 anniversary of the Bloody Wamena Tragedy, the Commission for the Disappeared and Victims of Violence on Saturday (4/4/2015) urged the government to resolve cases of human rights abuses.

“KontraS is disappointed with impunity on human right violations in the past and the militaristic approach in Papua,” KontraS Jakarta Coordinator Aris Azhar said in a statement received by Jubi.

The Joko Widodo administration has not included Wasior-Wamena cases on the list of severe human right violations that should be resolved in line with his campaign promises.

“It is very disappointing because the National Human Rights Commission had issued a recommendation for a judicial investigation into the cases,” he said.


The Indonesian Government has failed to fulfill its obligation in enforcing the human right violation in Papua. Wamena and Jayawijaya Regency has been the scene of human rights violations.

At least three major incidents occurred within this area that have caused injuries and trauma to its people from generation to generation.

These are the Incident 1977 and the Wamena Incidents on 06 October 2000 and 4 April 2003.

In addition to the Bloody Wamena tragedy, there are several cases of severe human right violations, including Biak Tragedy, 6 July 1998; Abepura Incident, 7 December 2000; Bloody Wasior Tragedy, 13 June 2001; the murder of Theys Hiyo Eluay and disappearance of Aristoteles Masoka, 10 November 2001; Abepura Case, 16 March 2006; the shooting of Opinus Tabuni, 9 August 2008; the shooting of Yawan Yaweni in Serui, 2009; the shooting of Mako Tabuni, 14 June 2012, and the last the shooting of four students in Paniai, 8 December 2014.

Of all the cases, the government only took the Abepura Case to Human Right Trial in Makassar in 2005 where the Judge released the perpetrators without giving the reparations right (compensation, restitution and rehabilitation) to the victims.

And the violence is continuing to be happened in Papua by: (1) the closure of democratic room by the apparatus; (2) the placement of excessive security force and the grow of Military/Police Command Office at every location; and (3) lack of State’s recognition and the release of Papuan political prisoners.

Those mentioned facts are the evidence of violence that occurred in the past and did not solved by the State, which bring impact to repeatedly happened in the future. For that reason, KontraS urged : First, the State Attorney and National Human Right Commission to synergy in enforcing the legal process to immediately follow up the inquiry findings on the Wamena-Wasior case to the investigation stage; second, the President Joko Widodo to immediately implement the Law 21/2001 on Papua Special Autonomy (Article 25 Paragraph 2) about the establishment of Human Right Court and the Commission of Truth and Reconciliation of Papua. The completion of severe human right violation both in the past and recently must be comprehensively completed, which could be reflected by designing the visit of President Widodo become more strategic instead of only promoting the development plan but included the law and human right enforcement; (3) to stop the military approach or security approach to ensure the democratic atmosphere in Papua.  (Dominggus Mampioper/rom)

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