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12 Villages Occupy Wasur National Park

Wasur National Park - jalan2.com

Wasur National Park – jalan2.com

Merauke, Jubi- As many as 12 villages in Wasur National Park are inhabited by the indigenous people of Papua, the head of Wasur National Park, Anggoro, said.

The villagers had lived there even before the area of 430,000 hectares was designated as a national park in 1997, Anggoro said.
“We appreciate and respect indigenous Papuans who live in Wasur location. Their right will be always noticed as usual, “he said in his office on last week.

He said on each occasion, he always visits them and hear directly from them about the difficulties they faced.
“We asked what their needs are,” he said.

He revealed the aid donated is not in the form of money but items such as nets, salt for drying fish as well as some agricultural tools to open farmland.
“We are trying to help anything that can be to the progress of local residents in Wasur, “he said.


He further said there is a desire of local residents to open up agricultural land planted with rice and the area has been prepared only not on a large scale as the program President, Joko Widodo. If it should be run, then surely it must be reported to the central level first. (Frans L Kobun)

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