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12 villages indigenous communities actually live in Wasur National Park


Wasur National Park – IST

Merauke, Jubi – The community of 12 villages who are mostly indigenous Papuans (OAP) live and settle in the Wasur National Park (TN), Merauke Regency. They have been doing various activities every day to support their families.

This was conveyed by the Head of Wasur Merauke National Park, Donald Hutasoit, to Jubi in his office on Thursday (October 19).

The villages inhabited by OAP in Wasur TN include Yanggandur, Rawa Biru, Kuler, Onggaya and Kondo. It is said, the community is still given attention on a regular basis. Not only to visiting them for dialogue, also given assistance in the form of nets and livestock.

“What we give is according to their request,” said Donald Hutasoit.


In every meeting, he said, the public is given an appeal to not keep on doing poaching, because their activity will reduce the population of animals being hunted in Wasur TN area.

“With the help of livestock that we give, people dependence on forests will be reduced from year to year,” he said.

Especially regarding land clearing, according to Hutasoit, there is actually a zone of traditional utilization. However, before it is opened, it should be checked first.

“There is a special zone given to the community in Wasur TN area to open the land,” he said.

Merauke District People’s Legislative Council (DPRD) member Moses Kaibu asked to give special attention to the local community.

“If there is a request for assistance as needed, it should be served well. It is with the aim that they also take care of and protect the forests that enter the Wasur TN area,” he pleaded.(tabloidjubi.com/Zely)

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