Hery Dosinaen, Secreatry of Papua Province (Jubi)

110 Percent Increases for the Meals Lump Sum for the Civil Servants of Province Papua

Hery Dosinaen, Secreatry of Papua Province (Jubi)

Hery Dosinaen, Secretary of Papua Province (Jubi)

Jayapura, 17/1 (Jubi) – The Government of Papua Province increases the meals lump sum (ULP) for the civil servants up to 110% from Rp 25,000,- to Rp 55,000,- per day.

“This is part of our struggle because we want the employees feel secured for they can well performed at work. Don’t let them feel not secured at work, because it would be able to affect their performance,” the Secretary of Government of Papua Province, Hery Dosinaen, said in Jayapura, Friday (17/1).

However, the increase is actually only a small part of the provincial government effort in order to improve the welfare of employees, because there are other components that still need to be considered for being increased, such as the provisional income allowance (TPB).
“We also want to increase the provisional income allowance, but off course the provincial government still need to review it first. Obviously we are concerned to improve the welfare of employees since this is very important to support the vision and mission of the Governor and Vice Governor of Papua,” he explained.

Previously, Hery Dosinaen had emphasized that the government want to increase the meals lump sum for the employees, which is only Rp 25,000 per day become at least Rp 75,000 or Rp 100,000 per day to expect this increase could support the employees in providing the excellent services to the community.
“Imagine with the amount of Rp 25,000 per day, what kind of food that they can get with such a value. It’s so ironic. So I think it was need to be considered,” he said.


Meanwhile about the increase of the provisional income allowance for the employees, the Secretary of Provincial Secretariat Office said that it would also be his concern, but it would be adjusted with the objective conditions in Papua.
“We are considering to increase the provisional income allowance but it is not too significant. We are more focus on the increase of the meals lump sum because Rp 25,000 per day is logically not sufficient. But for the provisional income allowance, off course there will be a strict evaluation. There would be a deduction on the provisional income allowance for the civil servants who are not perform and the deduction will be returned to the government treasury,” he said.

While, one of the civil servants who reluctant proclaimed his name, said that he is very happy if the meals lump sum will increase up to Rp 55,000, because what have been deemed less will be met.
“This is the best attempt that has been done by the provincial government for its employees. And I think all employees will be happy to hear this news, therefore their motivation will increase,” he said. (Jubi/Alex/P. Maizier)

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